WEAN Jumla stall at International Women Business Fair attracts more steady visitors

WEAN Jumla stall at International Women Business Fair attracts more steady visitors

WEAN Jumla participated for the first time in the 7th International Women Entrepreneurs Business Fair 2024 organized by the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs’ Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) from March 29 to April 2, 2024, at Heritage Garden, Sanepa, Lalitpur. 

Various stalls were kept to showcase the skills of women entrepreneurs from different districts, which helped them establish their identity in national and international markets.

WEAN Jumla witnessed a steady flow of business during the fair and the response from the public has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly towards the local products from Jumla. Simi dal, Jimmu, Red rice (Marshi), fuji apple, and dried apple chana have gained significant attention.

“We expect to be explored more as Jumla has participated for the first time in the business fair. We expect to build the trust of customers towards the organic and authentic products of Jumla,” says Anjali Kathayat, Vice President of Wean Jumla.

To further promote Jumla, the organization is envisioning an inflow of customers, especially from Jumla residents in Kathmandu, during the fair. They hope to see increased support for promoting Jumla’s local products within Kathmandu’s society.

Moreover, the newly launched initiative “Jaun Jumla” (Let’s go Jumla) by Nilima Basnet, a social entrepreneur, aims to boost tourism in Jumla. The initiative includes cups and bags featuring the “Jaun Jumla” print, serving as a unique marketing tool to attract visitors. “We really thank Nilima madam for investing her personal resources to promote Jumla, and appreciate her efforts” added Kathayat.

With the enthusiasm and support surrounding WEAN Jumla and the “Jaun Jumla” initiative, it is evident that Jumla is confident to make a significant impact in the terrain of local products and tourism.

Wean Jumla, a branch of FWEAN, has been making waves as the youngest member of the family. With nine executive members at its branch, including Pratima Rokaya as the President and Anjali Kathayat as the Vice President. Others are Sangita Shrestha, Srijana Sejuwal, Goma Rawal, Chandra Budhthapa, Kala Damai and Sagara Damai.

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