Valley temperature dips to 0 degree Celsius, likely to go further down

Dec 24, 2015- Kathmandu Valley recorded coldest day this year so far with temperature plummeting to 0 degree Celsius on Thursday morning.

The Weather Forecasting Division informed that the 0 degree Celsius was measured at 8:45 this morning. The temperature was measured at 0.9 degree Celsius on Wednesday while the lowest temperature at this time last year was 1.4 degree Celsius.

Meteorologist Min Kumar Aryal said the minimum temperatue of the valley may decrease further. “Temperature can go below minus degree Celsius,” he said to the Post.

Another meteorologist Rajendra Shrestha informed the rising level of pollution in the city has obstructed sunlight from reaching the land. “There has been no air movement or rainfall that can clear the pollution collected above the skies of the valley. This has obstructed sun light from reaching the soil and further decreased temperature,” he said.

The lowest temperature recorded on Thursday was in Jumla where temperature was recorded at -8.9 degree Celsius. Temperature across the country has decreased.


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