Travelling tips for parents with babies

Travelling tips for parents with babies

Traveling with children can be a incredibly fun or incredibly stressful, depending on whether you have them under control.

  1. Stick to your typical routines while out on your vacation. It can be stressful for baby to completely change everything up when you are on your trip.

  2. If hauling a stroller around doesn’t sound like fun to you…consider wearing your baby. Invest in a front carrier or baby backpack. Test out the carrier before your trip to make sure baby and you both like it. 

  3. If your baby loves music or certain television shows, consider downloading them to your phone or tablet. That way during your flight you can still access them without Wi-Fi and then everyone is happy. This applies to you as well. If you want to listen to music that normally uses internet to access, consider downloading it before you leave the airport to ensure you can still access it once you take off.

  4. Breastfeeding. This is everyone’s top worry while traveling. Think about bringing a small cooler with a bottle of milk (freeze it so it stays cold longer). It’s also a good idea to pump as much as possible before your trip so you aren’t extremely uncomfortable during your flight.

  5. Consider staying close to the city and attractions as much as possible. If baby gets fussy there is nothing worse than being two hours from civilization or your hotel. Also think about getting a hotel close to the destinations you plan to visit. This cuts down on travel time and helps you stay in a proximity. It’s a win-win for everyone.

  6. Pack a blanket. If you are in a park or somewhere outside it’s nice to have a clean, safe spot to put baby down and let them crawl. Obviously, the blanket has multiple purposes and can be used to cover up baby on the flight to your destination but maybe not on the way home if you have been putting the blanket on the ground during your trip.

  7. Bring extra changes of clothes. Don’t just bring the exact amount necessary but bring extra outfits for baby. You never know when a major spill will happen or if the weather takes a turn for much colder or much warmer conditions. This saves you the stress of having to run out and buy extra clothes or hurry and wash soiled ones.

  8. It’s important to pack plenty of diapers for your trip…however don’t over pack. Diapers take up tons of room and are a hassle to deal with. Any destination you go to you will be able to purchase diapers so don’t worry too much about this essential item. Think about a backpack style diaper bag. They are much easier to carry around and it won’t get you down in your back since the weight is properly dispersed between both of your shoulders.

  9. Remember to bring all your typical baby supplies…wipes, rash cream, changing mat, sunscreen, tissues, bibs, breast pump, clothes, toys, bottles, formula milk, etc. Try to think about all the different items you use on a regular basis at home. 

  10. Bring some toys to keep baby busy while on the plane or in the car during the road trip. Think about packing rattles, soft animals, plastic keys, teething rings, etc. It’s very important to keep baby happy when traveling to avoid any temper tantrums. This takes the pressure off you and keeps everyone around you happy as well (no one likes the screaming baby on the plane). Toys and familiar objects will help keep baby at ease while flying or road tripping.

  11. If you are road tripping think about investing in removable shades for the windows or some sort of sun blocker. These will protect your baby’s skin and eyes from the sun and help them sleep better by blocking out the sun. This also keeps the back seat much cooler when the sun is blocked.

  12. Don’t forget to pack the plastic baggies. They are a traveler’s necessity…especially when the kids are part of the trip. Old grocery bags can be used for dirty clothes. 

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