Support National Innovation Center

Support National Innovation Center

With the vision to contribute solely to Nepal’s social and economic development and foster innovation across Nepal, the National Innovation Center, established in 2012, is situated in Kathmandu. The Center is seeking funding to build a 10MW hydropower station whose income will support the operation of the Center. A hydropower station of this scale is sure to generate US $3.5 million on average per year. The Center will have tremendous impact for the development of science and technology in Nepal. For more details, visit  The establishment of National Innovation Center is led by Mahabir Pun and this funding campaign is supported by Deerwalk Foundation.

About Mahabir Pun
Born and raised in Nangi, Myagdi, Nepal, Pun is known for the Nepal Wireless Networking Project. This project works to provide wireless infrastructures in the remote districts of Nepal, focusing on social-economic transformations, e-commerce, e-Health and e-education. For his works, Pun has been recognized by the University of Nebraska, Global Ideas Bank, the Ashoka Foundation and the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation. He has also been inducted in the Internet Hall of Fame.

About Deerwalk Foundation
Deerwalk Foundation is a not-for- profit organization based in Lexington, MA, USA with its Nepal office in Sifal, Kathmandu. Deerwalk Foundation has been actively involved in education support, earthquake relief and other charitable activities. For more details, visit

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