Six Nepalis in Forbes 30 under 30 List

April 5, 2020: Five entrepreneurs and a golfer from Nepal have made it to the Forbes list of 30 under 30, 2020 in Asia. 

The six Nepalis on this list are Golfer Pratima Sherpa, Nikita Acharya and Kiran Timsina, co-founders, Urban Girls. Shubhangi Rana and Jeselina Rana, Pad2Go. and Rohit Tiwari, co-founder, Foodmario. 

Nikita Acharya and Kiran Timsina had established Urban Girls in 2012. The company, which started with online selling of ladies accessories, has now expanded to bakery products and accessories for men. 

Shubhangi Rana and Jeselina Rana started Pad2Go in 2018. Pad2Go has been creating awareness of menstrual health. The venture has installed 80 sanitary napkin vending machines in hospitals, schools, banks and cinema halls of all seven provinces. 

Rohit Tiwari who has been operating Foodmario has been working as a bridge between homemakers and the customers who order food through online means. Tiwari, on the one hand, has been giving a platform to the homemakers to show their skill, and on the other has been serving office goers and others with hygienic homemade food. 

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