Paragliding in Kathmandu

Paragliding in Kathmandu

November 16, 2017: After months of rigorous test flights, Shankarapur Paragliding has started commercial flights for adventure lovers in the north-eastern outskirts of Kathmandu. 

The initiative taken by the company to start tandem and solo flights near the ancient city of Sankhu, currently known as Shankarapur, heralds a new era for adventure sports lovers of the capital, who until now had to travel as far as Pokhara to enjoy paragliding.   

The paragliding site is located five kilometers away from Sankhu at Jorsinghpauwa, which is in between the ancient city and Nagarkot, a popular tourist destination. They have 12 solo pilots and four tandem pilots and have been operating 15 flights per day. The flights take off from the hilltop and land outside the valley, which is half and hour away from the starting point. 

The price for foreign nationals is USD 100 while the locals have to pay Rs 5,500 for tandem flights. The company provides transportation facility as well as lunch for its customers.

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