Nepal Telecom Announces New Packages of CUG

August 16, 2017: Nepal Telecom (NT) has repackaged the Corporate User Group (CUG) for GSM post-paid mobile. Nepal Telecom has also fixed a new rate for this service as well. This new service which started from August 15 will last until November 13.

Corporate customers of Nepal Telecom can use free voice call under the CUG package.

NT has announced various packages of CUG ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 700, Rs 1,000, Rs 1,300, Rs 1,600.

The cheapest package of Rs 400 allows CUG members to use voice call for 150 minutes and 300 MB data outside the company’s network. Meanwhile, the package of Rs 1,600 offers 750 minutes of voice call and 2,700 MB data.

NT has announced these packages targeting GSM corporate customers. At least 10 post-paid GSM users of a corporate house can utilize these packages.