Ncell’s data PAYG tariff drops as low as 40 paisa per MB

October 01, 2020: Ncell customers can now take benefit of access to data service at a more affordable rate from the main balance without any fear of high charges. Ncell Axiata Limited (previously Ncell Private Limited) has launched an attractive weekly Pay As You Go (PAYG) data scheme under which tariff per MB data drops as low as 40 paisa (excluding taxes).
This scheme has come into effect from Wednesday (September 30). It is focused on customers who are using data service paying a standard tariff of PAYG rate at Rs 2 (excluding taxes) per MB and those who do not know how to buy data packs so that they get service at a more affordable rate.
In this scheme, the more customers spend the main balance on data, the service rate gets cheaper. For spending of up to Rs 20 for data in a week, customers will be charged the standard rate of Rs 2 per MB. As soon as customers spend Rs 20 to Rs 50, they get data service at Re 1 per MB. The PAYG data rate declines to just 40 paisa per MB when customers spend more than Rs 50 in a week.
The weekly PAYG spending is calculated on a weekly cycle, beginning Sunday to Saturday. For example, if a customer spends Rs 23 from Sunday to Wednesday, as soon as the total spending under PAYG crosses Rs 20, the customer gets the service at just Re 1 per MB for up to Saturday mid-night.
Similarly, if the same customer’s total spending goes beyond Rs 50 within a week, the customer is entitled to get the PAYG data service at just 40 paisa per MB for the remaining period of the week i.e. Saturday mid-night.
Ncell is delighted to bring this new scheme, enabling customers to benefit from access to data at a more affordable rate even from the main balance. The company believes that although data packs are still the best options to use data, this new PAYG scheme, will add big value for customers who use data without subscribing to any packs.