Ncell launches Midas eClass service

August13, 2018: Ncell Private Limited in collaboration with MiDas Education Private Limited has launched a popular learning application MiDas eClass for its customers. With the launch of this service, customers will be able to take advantage from the digital learning with access to a large pool of certified audio/video education materials for students.
MiDas eClass is a learning application which is designed in audio/video tutorials to help the students learn the course in an interactive way from mobile, tablet or computer. This service has a large pool of video tutorials, education materials, games and exercises for all students from playgroup level to those studying in grade 10.
Customers owning Ncell SIM will be able to use this service from Monday (August 13) and will be able to download exclusive video tutorials, animated lessons and text based content approved by the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) under the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
Customers can download the MiDas eClass application from Google Play Store and register with Ncell number to get the application started. As per the need of the customers, they can subscribe to the desired service plan from the application itself.
This is a subscription based service under which customers can subscribe to this service under three categories—daily, weekly and monthly. Under daily subscription, customers can buy the service at Rs 11.96 (Rs 15.26 including taxes). Weekly service is available at Rs 55.81 (Rs 71.26 including taxes), while monthly subscription charge is Rs 199.31(Rs 254.50 including taxes).
Ncell is delighted to introduce digital learning platform for students in partnership with MiDas Education and hopes the service adds a great value for academic excellence of students. The company believes that the innovative learning approach will also contributes in process of making of Digital Nepal.
The service will be free for Ncell customers for a week from the date of the service subscription. MiDas eClass subscription rate is only for access to the service. Customers will be charged separately for data for accessing the educational material including for downloading of videos. Customers will also be able to download videos from Wi-Fi, once they subscribe the service.

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