KFC Opens its Branch in Pokhara

KFC Opens its Branch in Pokhara

April 30, 2017: The multinational company Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) which was operated in Nepal has opened its branch in Pokhara also. Having its two branches in Durbarmarg and Tripureswor in Kathmandu, the company has opened its first branch outside the Kathmandu valley.

According to Dipsa Bhatta, Marketing Manager of the company, it has opened its branch in the tourist spot of Pokhara in course of expansion of investment. Devyani International Nepal, the subsidiary company of RJ Corp has been operating KFC in Nepal.

According to Bhatta, the company chose to open its branch in Pokhara as it is a tourism hub and is the second biggest market after Kathmandu.

She said, “There are many KFC lovers in the world. We believe most of the people will prefer KFC in Pokhara as there is a considerable flow of domestic and foreign tourists.”

The company informed that ‘brand control’ of the Pokhara branch will be done from Kathmandu. Bhatta shared that, there was a significant presence of KFC lovers on the opening day of KFC branch in Pokhara.

“Pokhara branch has a seating capacity of 155 visitors with 40 staffs ready to serve them. The outlet will remain open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm”, added Bhatta.

American brand KFC was operated in Nepal since October, 2009. Varun Beverage, the subsidiary company of RJ Corp has also been distributing Pepsi soft drink in Nepal.

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