Fundraising campaign to save four-year-old girl

Fundraising campaign to save four-year-old girl

June 05, 2017: Mission Better Nepal Campaign, an international network of Nepali youth, has launched a fundraising campaign in a bid to save the life of a four-year-old girl from Kalikot who is suffering from Retinoblastoma Ulcerative Tumour, a form of eye cancer.

Mission Nepal, which has been working to improve health condition of the rural people of Kalikot since last year, has urged all generous hearts to be the part of its campaign to save Mansara.

A minor wound was seen in the right eye of Mansara, daughter of Rane Luhar of Raskot Municipality-7 few months ago and situation has worsened day by day.

The Manma Hospital in the district says her treatment is not possible in the district and has referred her to the capital or other places where the treatment of the disease is available.

Campaign advisor Mahesh Poudel shared that preparations were on to bring Mansara to the capital.

Tripureshwar Eye Hospital ophthalmologists have suggested Mansara to be admitted to the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital.

The Better Nepal has urged one and all wishing to join hands with it in its effort to save Mansara, to deposit assistance amount at the bank account 04400000100 of Sanima Bank, Manma opened in her name. RSS

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