ESewa Pasal Launches Officially

September 03, 2018: F1 soft international has launched eSewa Pasal officially from 2nd September 2018 (Bhadra 17, 2018). After the Acquisition of Bhatbhateni online, it was rebranded as eSewa Pasal.
Customers will get 5 % cashback for every purchase of items from eSewa pasal using eSewa wallet. 
Using the card on delivery, customers will get 10 % cashback.
Using Nabil banks Visa and credit card of Rs 3000 will provide 20 % cash back and an additional Rs 150 from eSewa.
For amount greater than Rs 3000, Nabil bank will provide 25 % cash back.
The eSewa Pasal will delivery within 24 hours.

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