“Echoes in the Valley” Festival of Music 2024 happening in Kathmandu on Friday (March 22)

“Echoes in the Valley” Festival of Music 2024 happening in Kathmandu on Friday (March 22)

Kathmandu. The eighth edition of the music festival “Echoes in the Valley” is set to take place this coming Friday and Saturday. The festival will span two days in the Hanumandhoka Museum on 22nd March and the Itum Bahal area on 23 March. Entry is free.

With the participation of over 150 artists, the festival will also include two workshops, two exhibitions, cultural tours, family and children’s activities, local cuisine, and stalls showcasing indigenous products.

The schedule is like:


𝗣𝗘𝗥𝗙𝗢𝗥𝗠𝗔𝗡𝗖𝗘𝗦 – Lon Chuka, Hanuman Dhoka Museum
5:30 PM – Dahna and KJC Rajamati Choir (Ukraine/Spain/Nepal)
6 PM – Sur Sudha

4 PM | Basantapur
Heritage Tour – A Stroll Through History: Exploring Basantapur & Hanuman Dhoka led by Baakhan Nyane Waa


1:00 PM | Itum Bahal – Himalayan Highway (USA/Nepal)
1:45 PM | Taha Nani – dAb dAb Dapha Yutunani
2:30 PM | Itum Bahal – Mithileshwar Jhijhiya
3:15 PM | Taha Nani – Dahna and KJC Rajamati Choir (Ukraine/Spain/Nepal)
3:50 PM | Taha Nani – Nayaâ Khin Baaja Khala
4:30 PM | Itum Bahal – Abaim feat. Naad Sangeet Pathshala (Mauritius/Nepal)
5:15 PM | Taha Nani – Robin Wagle Trio feat. Aman Mali
6:00 PM | Itum Bahal – Siyom (India)
6:50 PM | Taha Nani – Sonagi Blues
7:30 PM | Itum Bahal – Amazumi feat. Valley Dhimey Girls (Belgium/Nepal)

10 AM – 1 PM | Basantapur – Essence of City – a visual exploration of Kathmandu on a photo walk, led by Tumbaha~Laya
11 AM | Asan – Heritage Walk – Immersive guided walk through alleys and courtyards
12 – 6 PM | Tara Nani – Live calligraphy sessions & Ranjana Lipi workshop by Callijatra Foundation
12 – 6 PM | Tara Nani – Exhibitions featuring a photographic depiction of queer experiences and a display of the historical significance of Nayaâ Khin Baaja by Meraki Chhen, Nepali Aspecs & Nayaâ Khin Baaja Khala
12 PM – 6 PM | Keshchandra Mahavihar – Storytelling gathering with Baakhan Nyane Waa
12 PM – 6 PM | Itum Bahal – An Architectural Treasure Hunt by The Last of Kathmandu Valley
12 PM – 6 PM | Maha Manjushree Vihar – Read aloud and activities for children led by Let’s Read Nepal
12 PM – 6 PM | Baku Nani – Disaster preparedness educational games with DEPO Nepal
12 PM – 5 PM | Itumbaha Museum, Keshchandra Mahavihar – Explore historical artifacts, ritual items and architectural marvels
3 PM – Dance with the Sakela group, join in to learn the traditional moves firsthand

This edition aims to shed light on the importance of music in preserving intangible cultural heritage. The first day will feature classical music performances by the Sur Sudha group. Additionally, there will be presentations by Janakpur’s Mithileshwar Jeejia Toli, Itum Bahal’s local Dhimay group, Manipur-based experimental folk band Siyom, and Mauritius’ musical group Abaima.