E-sewa marks anniversary with 7.5 million users

E-sewa marks anniversary with 7.5 million users

January 26, 2019: E-sewa, the first company to provide electronic transaction service in the country marked its 10th anniversary. 

E-sewa provides users the facility to pay for more than 2,000 services including utility bills, recharging mobile phones, purchasing air and bus ticket, paying hotel and school fees. The number of users downloading the E-sewa mobile application has already reached one million, Chairperson of the Company Biswas Dhakal said. 

The company has E-sewa zone and points through 45,000 agents across the country. Some 7.5 million people are said to be using the service of the online transaction company. 

Currently, 49 banks and financial institutions are affiliated with the E-sewa and one can deposit or transfer funds using one bank account through E-sewa. The company had begun its service in January 25, 2010. 

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