Discount and offfers in NT Service

Discount and offfers in NT Service

February 5, 2016: On the occasion of the 13th anniversary, Nepal Telecom has provided discount on different services. For the  new GSM pre-paid customers, the company is providing 400 Mb data for four days with 100 Mb per day.  Similarly, for GSM network customers, the company has provided 100 Mb Facebook data package on Rs 20  valid for five days.

 Likewise, NT will provide GSM night data package at Rs 40 on 500 Mb for seven days and 1200 Mb data on  Rs 85 valid for 15 days. In the same way under GSM data offer, the company has provided 200 Mb data for  seven days at Rs 130 and on 500 Mb data package for 15 days at Rs 300 and the company is providing  same data package as bonus offer. Meanwhile, under CDMA data offer, NT is providing 200 Mb at Rs 75  valid for seven days and 500 Mb data at Rs 175 for 15 days. 

 The company has re-started CRBT service and has provided free service for 15 days with one song per day.  In the same way, on NTPro service, the company is giving 50 percent discount on incoming call keeping the  rate at Rs three per minute from February 4.

 Also, the company is providing 10 percent bonus on the recharge of Rs 50, Rs.  100 and Rs. 200 and 15  percent bonus on Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 from February 5.