Coca-Cola Launches “Mann Kholau Coke Sanga” Campaign

September 27, 2018: Coca-Cola Nepal has come up with the third edition of "Mann Kholau Coke Sanga" campaign. The company said that ‘new words’ will be inserted in the label of Coca-Cola during Dashain.
The new words to be inserted in the labels include Maya, Saath, Khusi, Ramailo, Mitrata, Hausala, Shraddha, Milan, Sahayog, Jamghat, and Hanso. This innovative theme is aimed to pay respect to the unique relationships that influence each individual's lives and feelings. These labels are inserted in the place of the regular labels, out of respect for human emotions and family relations during Dashain.
The company claims that it has been playing a vital role in helping consumers connect with friends and family throughout the year and especially during the times of festive celebrations.

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