Best offer so far from KTM CTY

Best offer so far from KTM CTY

April 14, 2017: On the occasion of Nepali New year 2074, KTM CTY has offered BUY 2 GET 1 FREE scheme on DISCOUNTED PRICE.

Offer is valid till 14th Baisakh 2074 only (27th April 2017).

KTM CTY is a casual wear manufacturer and retailer aiming to become the leading clothing chain in Nepal. It makes sure that its products are reasonably priced and provides ‘the tools for fashion, so that everybody can express their own style’. It is continuously developing products of exceptional quality and grace to deliver an extensive line of fashion apparel.

Store Locations:

Durbar Marg 4232592, 4232603
Jawalakhel 5546017
Thamel 4269607
Jyatha 4257632
Mandala 4701676
Boudha 4912974
Kapan 4823416
Naxal 4416507
Dillibazaar 4423978
Teku 9808889104
Balkhu 4302497
Ramhiti 4912671
Chabahil Ganesthan 4489360
Putalisadak 4425503
Boudha Chuchepati 4484089
Chabahil Medicare 4482582
Chakrapath 4720380
Banepa 11662559
Dharan 25525133