Bajaj launches Dashain and Tihar scheme  ” BAJAJ CHHA NI SHAAN”

Bajaj launches Dashain and Tihar scheme ” BAJAJ CHHA NI SHAAN”

August 20, 2017: The sole distributor of Bajaj motorcycles in Nepal, Hansraj Hulaschand & Co. Pvt. Ltd., has always kept customers first.  Famous for always delivering new and alluring schemes for its customers, Bajaj has announced its launch of the Dashain and Tihar 2074 campaign – "Bajaj Chha Ni Shaan". The campaign has begun from 20th August, 2017 (Bhadra 4, 2074).
Based upon figure of speech, the campaign name suggests two different meanings; one being '6 targets' and another being 'having pride'. One who rides or owns a Bajaj bike have pride and this festive season on the purchase of Bajaj bikes.
During the duration of the campaign, the buyers will get a scratch coupon upon purchasing a Bajaj motorbike. Through the scratch coupon, the customers can win from Rs.6000/- up to Rs.6 Lakh in cash instantly. To be eligible for the campaign, the customers have to buy a Bajaj bike from the authorized distributors of Bajaj across the nation.
Talking about the campaign, Mr. Shekhar Golchha, Managing Director of Hansraj Hulaschand & Co. Pvt. Ltd. said, "HH Bajaj has always valued its customers dearly. We are driven towards providing our customers with exciting and profitable schemes. There is no greater joy for us than being able to be a part of our customers' celebrations and the festive season of Dashain and Tihar seems like the perfect occasion for this. We are confident that the customers will be delighted with this scheme."