The Nitya Ranjana Unicode font is now public

The Nitya Ranjana Unicode font is now public

Kathmandu. Nitya Ranjana Unicode font has become public. On Saturday, in an event organized by Nepal Arts Council, Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s Deputy Mayor Sunita Dongol made Nitya Ranjana Unicode font public.

The Nitya Ranjana font is a typeface designed specifically for writing in the Ranjana script, which is a historical script used primarily for writing Nepali and Sanskrit. It is characterized by its decorative and intricate appearance. The Nitya Ranjana font is designed in Unicode format, allowing it to be used digitally across various platforms and applications.

In today’s digital age, there is a need to preserve and promote fonts to enter the digital market. According to Anand Kumar Maharjan, the Chairman of Callijatra Foundation and a renowned font design company in India, Ranjana Unicode font development has been done in collaboration to meet this need.

He said, “In the digital age, this is an advanced and well-designed font, which can be used on screens, in printing, and on the web.”

According to Maharjan, this Ranjana Unicode font can be used worldwide for free along with being available in Nepali Unicode. He said, “In the past, appropriate digital fonts were not available which led to incorrect scriptwriting. That’s why we have brought this font with improvements for worldwide use. Now such problems are reduced.”

Maharjan, who is also a specialist in Ranjana script, has made significant contributions to font development. Financial support for font development has been provided by Murli Kumar Prahald.

He says, “This font has been improved artistically and technically compared to the old available fonts.”

Callijatra Foundation has informed that the font will benefit from its easy use in government institutions, the Newar community, the Buddhist community, non-Newars, schools, colleges, design houses, etc.

In the program, how to type in Ranjana script, including vowels, consonants, and numbers, was demonstrated by typing in Ranjana font. Along with this, an exhibition of characters written in Ranjana font was also displayed at the Art Council.

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