Motorola Nepal and Khalti announce partnership

Motorola Nepal and Khalti announce partnership

June 05, 2018: Motorola Nepal and Khalti have announced a strategic partnership to promote digital payment in Nepal among new smartphone buyers. As part of the agreement, Khalti has rolled out cashback offers upto Rs. 2000 on selected range of Motorola smartphones.
Through this lucrative campaign, Motorola is encouraging digital payment habit among smartphone users in Nepal.
Currently, Nepal is lagging much behind in mobile payment adoption compared to our neighboring countries like India, China, and Bangladesh. This partnership is expected to accelerate adoption of mobile payments in Nepal.

This is a very lucrative offer to the people who are planning to buy a new smartphone. This campaign seeks to encourage current non-users of mobile payment to change their payment habit and enjoy richer user experience with Khalti’s seamless mobile payment.

This joint initiative by Khalti and Motorola to promote mobile payment habit among the Nepalis holds a lot of significance if we take into consideration the latest move by the government of Nepal. The government in its latest budget had announced to create bank account of all Nepalis within a year. Furthermore, the government has now made possible to pay revenue and all forms of taxes from mobile phones.

The offer is available with four specified Motorola smartphones: Moto C, Moto C+, Moto E4, and Moto E4+. The phones are available for purchase at any of authorized resellers of Motorola phone in Nepal. The offer is available for limited time only.

How to get cashback in Khalti after the purchase of Motorola phone?

After purchasing the specified Motorola smartphone:
  1. Download Khalti Digital Wallet app from or scan the QR code in the new Motorola mobile set
  2. Sign up and log in to Khalti using your mobile number and new password
  3. Go to ‘Coupon’ option in the side menu bar and type ‘Moto’, and tap on ‘REDEEM’
  4. After verification of IMEI details, you will get Khalti balance immediately in the Khalti app

You can now use the balance in the Khalti app to pay bills, recharge, buy movie tickets and many more.

Available smartphones and Khalti cashbacks:

Smartphone Model MRP Khalti Cashback
Motorola Moto C  Rs. 10,990 Rs. 1,000
Motorola Moto C+  Rs. 13,490 Rs. 1,000
Motorola Moto E4  Rs. 15,290 Rs. 1,500
Motorola Moto E4+  Rs. 19,990 Rs. 2,000