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Naag Panchami
Naag Panchami is the festival dedicated to Naag or the serpant deities. It is ovserved on the fifth day of the bright half of the Nepali month of Shrawan as per the lunar calendar. 
People worship the Naag and make special offerings of the dubo grass, flower and rice grains mixed with red vermillion powder to the Naags on the occasion. Milk, fruits and sweets made of milk are also offered with the lighting of incense sticks and lamp in homage to the serpant deities. 
Naag is taken as the god of water and rain, and as per the religious belief, it is said that the house where the Naag deity resides is bestowed with wealth and prosperity. Ot is believed that the worship of the snake goes back to the time beforethe ancient Vedic era. 
Religious fairs are also taking place at the nag dahas or ponds where the Naag (snake god) is believed to reside at Naag Pokhari in Naxal, at Dhapakhel in Lalitpur, Siddha Pokhari in Bhaktapur as well as other places across the country. 

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