Chhath festival

Published on 2017-10-27     170 views

The Chhath festival observed as common cultural symbol of the Tarai is. . . read more »


Published on 2017-10-17     194 views

Tihar is the second largest festival of the Nepali Hindus and. . . read more »

Kojagrat Purnima (Dashain final day)

Published on 2017-10-05     207 views

Kojagrat Poornima (full moon day) is the final day of the 15-day Bada Dashain festival. The Bada Dashain festival. . . read more »

Bijaya Dashami (Dashain Day 10)

Bijaya Dashami (Dashain Day 10)
Published on 2017-09-30     204 views

The 10th day of the Bada Dasain festival is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm. . . read more »

Mahanawami (Dashain Day 9)

Published on 2017-09-29     206 views

The Mahanawami is observed on the ninth day of the waxing moon in the month of Asoj as per the lunar. . . read more »

Maha Astami (Dashain Day 8)

Published on 2017-09-28     210 views

The eighth day of the Bada Dashain festival Maha Astami is. . . read more »

Fulpati (Dashain Day 7)

Published on 2017-09-29     226 views

Fulpati is celebrated throughout the country by taking the Fulpati into the homes as per the tradition.. . . read more »

Ghatasthapana (Dashain Day 1)

Published on 2017-09-29     187 views

The first day of Bada Dashain festival is called "Ghatasthapana" that falls on Aswin Shukla Pratipada, the. . . read more »


Published on 2017-09-06     220 views

The traditional festival of Indrajatra is celebrated by worshipping the Devraj Indra, the God of rains and good harvest.. . . read more »


Published on 2017-08-24     204 views

The 'Teej' festival is also called 'Haritalika'. Women fast and wish for a prosperous life of their. . . read more »

Kushe Aunshi / Father's day

Published on 2017-08-21     231 views

In Kushe Aunshi, hindus collect kush, a holy grass used while performing various holy rituals as Shraddha. . . read more »

Nag Panchami

Nag Panchami
Published on 2017-07-29     267 views

On the occasion of Nag Panchami, pictures of snakes containing mantras are pasted above the. . . read more »

Janai Purnima / Rakshya Bandhan

Janai Purnima / Rakshya Bandhan
Published on 2017-07-28     284 views

People receive the 'Rakshya Bandhan' thread, which is tied around the wrist as an amulet.. . . read more »

Ghanta Karna

Ghanta Karna
Published on 2017-07-21     363 views

Ghanta Karna (also called Ghanta Karna Chaturdasi and GhantaKarna) is a Newari festival. . . read more »

Guru Purnima (Teacher's day)

Published on 2017-07-09     263 views

The Guru Purnima festival is celebrated by paying reverence to all teachers. The festival, also marked as Teacher's. . . read more »

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